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Oliver lighting himself on fire.. in his swim-trunks nonetheless .. 😅

Oliver in heat c:

Sims Stories & Screenshots - SSS about 1 month ago

Because The Sims can be such a .. wacky experience I thought it'd be fun to share some of the fun people have had!

Feel free to reply with screenshots, stories & more!
Don't take this category too serious, it's mostly an excuse for me to post pictures of my sims..

Just like in this gem were Brian broke his hand. 😎

Sims Stories & Screenshots - SSS 2 months ago

Important sidenote :

I do not plan to discontinue the old "legacy website".
It's always available on this new URL.

When this CMS (Nameless MC + Cobalt) loses support or becomes more hassle than it's worth, we'll revert back to our basic in-house solution c:


Thank you for coming to my ted talk!

Website Updates 2 months ago



For our very fortunate players that have eyes you might've noticed our website got a few updates here & there.
More accurately, everything got an overhaul!

We've now got a forum as well, conversation, updates & yes even ban appeals can take place here c:

Hope to see you all on MaxGameCraft soon!
Soon we should even have our new spawn fully finished!



- Sven

Website Updates 2 months ago